Monday, August 28, 2006

Eye yam byack

Many a moon has passed (and a great big conjecture proved) since this grim nook of the internet revelled in the luxury of human attention, but I plan to make amends by posting blog entries with such fury that the very <> of blogspot's XML parser shall quake and quiver and...

Um, yeah, right. The thing is, there's a little online contest called SEO going on at Shaastra, and a friend of mine,Vimal, is earnestly exerting his energies into it. Curious, because getting on top of Google is hardly a well-predictable strategy, and external elements like being a good writer or knowing the right people can make a very large difference. But, to dissuade such inspired efforts would be a crime indeed, so here are my votes:

coecelanth durbatuluk
coecelanth equivocate
durbatuluk shaastra
durbatuluk equivocate
durbatuluk zeppelin
durbatuluk shaastra

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