Tuesday, October 10, 2006




Update: I just noticed that this software uses Working Model as its Physics Engine!! Working Model (WM) is a 10 year old mechanism design software (Google for it, a free version is available for download), but it is rather cumbersome to use by inexperienced people. What these fellows have done, is to take a 'smart' PPT screen (they are avaialble at rather low rates these days), taken the output to a program, made it recognise patters like the cross and the 'O', and made it output a WM script. It would have been at most a month's work, but dear me, look at the results!

This is a case study in innovation ! If only I did not have this quiz looming gloomily over me, I'd have wanted to write a 5 page report on this :-( Probably I will, after the quiz :-)


essen arren said...

Are such "smart" ppt screens so popular really?

Mohan K.V said...

Oh yes, they are. We even have one at the CNDE lab.. not costly at all..

Naresh said...

that was some awesome video da!
i sat gaping at the screen...
all those JEE mechanics days flashed past.
would be a great tool for design and more importantly a great tool for teaching kids mech stuff.