Sunday, October 15, 2006

The best reality check for a course... to think of questions that can be asked in an open book, infinite time exam.

How many courses are you doing, where the number of possible such questions tends to zero?


cb said...

Needless to say, ZERO.

DJ Matt said...

i disagree with CB. Heat Transfer and DOME can very easily be conducted as open book.

leftit said...

Hmm.. on second thought.. I am sure that even Mantech is such a course da.. :D

It just depends on how much enthu you have to solve a problem like.. er.. say.. you are given a cad drawing of a component.. and given a set of machines.. how best can you produce the component?

Agreed.. that this might not be a qn for a "infinite" time paper.. but then.. nevertheless.. it is "open-ended" enough.. and makes you think. what say?

cb said...

Give me infinite time, and a book, and a heat transfer problem
I'll solve it.