Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Woof. Meow is too passe

CAT classes are extremely interesting, and everyone should attend a few, regardless of intentions of actually giving the exam. It gets most interesting, when a group of Motivated Engineers unilaterally decide that the the most Optimum way to solve a problem is to Formulate it as a Quartic equation and use a heady mix of Variational Calculus and Finite Element Techniques to solve it, while the instructor explains the solution in 5 seconds flat. Or, when some other Enthusiastic Candidate proudly announces to the class that the price of each apple is precisely (4 + 6i) Rupees.

Aw, ok, I made them up, but you get the drift.. Its been a long time since I liked something so much that I'm making up examples to prove it is nice :-)


CuriousMoron said...

Yen saar,thaavu CAT ge fight puts aa? Hosa vichara idu. I thought you wanted to end up in a stud level Ivy league univ.

silentkiller said...

nice title :D