Sunday, November 26, 2006


"What", the good Prof asked, "is the shape number of a 6 staged water pump with blah blah blah characteristics ?". Only a blessed few of the masses writing the exam today had a vague idea of what a pump is, let alone any notion of a 6 staged monster. What, then, does an enterprising young engineer do?

Divide the shape number calculated using the characteristics of the whole pump by 6, of course! Why ? Because thats the only place you can use that 6, stupid !

Skinner & Flanegan would have been proud.

(Oh, and while I was googling for the exact name of that constant, I came across this site with stuff for quite a few good laughs. Here's a sample:

After the Flood, Noah lets all the animals out of the ark and tells them to go forth and multiply. A few months later, all are doing fine except a pair of snakes. The snakes beg Noah to cut down some trees and let them live there. Soon, there are lots of little snakes and everybody is happy. "How did the trees help?", wonders Noah. "Well, we're adders. We need logs to multiply."


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leftit said...

doesnt it make more sense to divide the specific work of the whole pump by 6 and then calculate the shape no?