Sunday, November 26, 2006

Subtlest Joke in a Textbook award

Here's a problem (8.32, Deflections in Bending) I remembered from "An Introduction to the Mechanics of Solids" by Crandall & Dahl. A most wonderful book, and the authors have a sense of humour to boot. Given that the first edition of this book was in 1959, and that this problem is rather basic, chances are that this was one of the first textbooks to carry this joke :-)

The signpost reads "Plan Ahead". ROFL!!


CB said...

Crandall rocks!
Crandall and Incropera are the only books worth possessing in Mech-IIT (so far). Oh, and you may buy Gopalakrishna too. :P

Anonymous said...

If you remember:
Enantiomers, Morrison Boyd

The authors included:
'All things in this world possess a mirror image, except, of course, Vampires'..

Now that is what I call sense of humor.. :)