Saturday, November 25, 2006

You'll never guess who said this

A lunatic escapes from an asylum, and starts running away. He comes across a riverbank and a few washerwomen, and sli puts with them, and runs off again. The headlines next day:

"Nut Screws Washers And Bolts"



leftit said...


You Know Who :) said...

It's fictional.
Someone would have loved to put it in the news though. It is rumoured to have originated in Australia. I wouldn't be surprised if it were Britain though(of course!).
I wonder if the man was you-know-who, he matches the description - lunatic, screwing and bolting.
If it were 'Nut Eyes Washers and Screws', it would still imply half the story and still would be NEWS(!); and if you remember what Eyes are :)
Not to forget - Springs, Pins etc.

Ok, I'm overdoing it.

CB said...

Macha, what is this da. This looks like a typical Nai statement to me.

Shreevatsa said...

Ok, the "you know who" above has convinced me to stop making anonymous posts on random blogs in future... someone might actually want to know who the poster is :-)
-- You don't know who

P.S: Oh, to not be entirely offtopic: ITYM "Loose nut screws washers and bolts". ("Loose nut" is not redundant; he's escaped)

Other headlines: (Sorry for spam, but having wasted so much time just now... might as well post it publicly.)

When a midget spiritualist escaped from police: "Small Medium At Large"

"General flies back to front" (perhaps not even an intentional pun.)

"Man found dead in graveyard"

A boat load of illegal immigrants landed on Jupiter Island, which is somewhere in Florida: "Aliens land on Jupiter".

"Icelandic fish talks - not likely"

From a newspaper in Normal, Illinois: "Normal Girl Weds Oblong Boy"

"Police Murder Suspect in Court"

"Sons of Toil Buried in Tons of Soil."

Story about Renee Zellweger's marriage. "Bridget Jones's dowry."

"New Vaccine May Contain Rabies"

"Passengers Hit by Cancelled Trains"

"STRIP CLUB SHOCK: Magistrates May Act on Indecent Shows"

"Iraqi Head Seeks Arms"

"Clinton Wins On Budget, But More Lies Ahead"

"Bank Drive-in Window Blocked by Board"

Mohan K.V said...

The man himself !! I am honoured !!!

The post was actually a PJ put by our Industrial Engineering prof, his most explicit one yet :-)

Rofl for the rest of the lines, they're awesome!

Anonymous said...

Long live the T to the T to the N.

I can never say 'T' for him. ;-)

Shreevatsa said...

Heh. When I installed Sage, I thought I would be saving time because I would no longer keep visiting some sites every few hours like someone with OCD (maybe I should remove the "like"), but instead it has only led to more time-wastage as I add every blog I like to my feed list (currently about a dozen). :-)

(Feel free to delete/trim/edit that comment above (and this one).)

muthu said...

that was god level da.