Dear, Dear me, what a sublimely spirtual message this is to the Youth of the Nation..Hallelujah, orkut be praised !

wll u b my frndshp partnre in orkut? i am nice boy, well setld and hapy studing in colej, u look nise wid cap, we hapy as frnds, have fun togetr. u scrp me, i crp u too, v mesg and share secretes about grlfrnds and boyfrnds and many frnds of all typs. u say u will mary i wll b frnd 2 hlp u 4 mony trubles and bride trubles and moter inlaw trubles. u n i wll hat u r moterinlaw wen i com. gud frnds v r. i wll hlp evn wen u slap me wen i luk at ur wif. evn ur wif's frnd i wll b. v wll b hapy togetr. but b my frnd. PLSS!

Phew, "many frnds of all typs", I'm laughing so hard my stomach hurts !
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