Saturday, December 02, 2006

More Genius!!

Remember that link to a paper I gave in the 'nice comments' part of the previous post?

I followed that link and read that paper, and my God, it is AWESOME! All that the guy had in front of him was 5 obscure lines of code and a befuddling 'magic' constant, and he sat on it, worked it out, and using simple calculus and error analysis that anyone can understand, got back the constant that was used, and whats more, he suggested a better value for the constant with proof. Do read the paper !!!!

Whoa, what a morning it has been !


Mahesh Mahadevan said...


I am not crazy enough to write a huge number of ****s here. But the idea is Just The Jawd!

It probably made me write my longest ever stumble review though it was not of your page.

As if reading the original page wasn't enough, the paper killed it all. It was like an arrow hit Bull's Eye, and then you fired an arrow which split the first one!

Graphics, Programming, Purdue, Paper...
Aren't we seeing something here?

CB said...

And to Nai, yes.
Graphics, Programming, Pudue, Paper, aren't we seeing something here?