SIGGRAPH is God, too. I'm going Pantheistic!

(Thanks a ton, Adarsh!)

Guess where this pic is from :

A saturday morning cartoon ? Some Russian CG expert with loads of time on his hands? Caps from a movie, perhaps?

Ok, how about this:

(I can't think of any way of demonstrating how excited I am; Caps, bold, italic, underline, blink are all for lesser occasions. This one is way beyond their league, so I'm just going to say it plain.)

These pics are from a SIGGRAPH paper that describes a method to dynamically calculate deformations in sets of tens of objects! Yes, thats right, there is only one 'non-rigid' shoe and one 'rigid' die that is modelled, a simple config file tells the inital position of each shoe, and the algorithm calculates the deformation dynamically, and gives the coordinate by oordinate output!

Anyone who's done a course on Strength of Materials will easily realise this is a TREMENDOUS achievement! To calculate strains in a simple block with a hole in it is a dauntingly challenging task, and here are these guys, with a method to crush duckies (elastic duckies, so they bounce back up) and pile shoes on dice!! Simply put, AMAZING!!!!

(Maybe I should spend more time writing up a more detailed post on why exactly this is earth-shakingly brillaint, but I just had to put this up the moment I saw it :-) )

Purposeless Note 1: Blogger's HTML is pathetic. I fart in your general direction, you overpaid overrelaxed Google codemonkeys !

Purposeless Note 1.5: That phrase is what started a GTalk conversation between Adarsh and me, which finally led to this.

Purposeless Note 2: I should stop watching Monty Python for a while.

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