TED Talks

(Thanks Pota)

TEDTalks are these set of brilliant lectures, sponsored by BMW,  covering a very wide range of topics. I happened to watch two of them, and I'm totally stunned.

The first one, "The Paradox of Choice" by Barry Schwartz, is about how too much choice is choking us. It makes for extremely interesting viewing, and the fishbowl metaphor at the end really set me thinking.

Another one, "Myths about the Developing World", is a perfect case study of how a normally very boring topic can be made remarkably interesting, by presenting it in a thoughtful way. It does provide info about its subject matter, the demographies of developing countries, but the insights it gives into how data should be presented are far more valuable, imho.

www.ted.com contains a lot more of these; You'll probably find most of them on Google Video, in case that site proves too slow.
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