I was reading one of my senior's (Supradeep's) old blogs today, and came across what I thought was a particularly interesting observation:

Theorem on Frequency - Intelligence Interdependence

P x I = constant where,

P = pitch of the voice ( frequency of the fundamental harmonic)
I = An intelligence measure.

To put the statement in non mathematical terms, the intelligence of a person is inversely proportional to the pitch of his voice.

Although I don't agree with the theorem itself, this Corollary seems to make sense very much:

Cor 2 : The theorem applies to the same person at different instants of time. If at any point, you are all squeaky and shouting, then believe me, you are acting dumb. When you are calm and relaxed and voice your opinion in low frequencies, you are most probably right.

I've seen that happen with me infinite times :-)
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