Tuesday, November 20, 2007


With the air (and the Name: fields of application forms of poor unsuspecting grad-schools) thick with such mouthfuls of tortuous verbosity as Anantagopalavenkatasubramaniam and Immadithirumalailakshmikumaran, I was reminded of this delightful old-school joke which Kiran related a long time ago:

During the after-birth ceremony, the newborn is named JalakreedasamasaktagopIvastrapaharaka (after one of Lord Krishna's exploits, of stealing clothes of gopikas when they were playing by the river). Someone quipped: "Poor kid, his father didn't name him. He sentenced him."


Update: I was curious to know what other versions of this joke were floating around the net, and after some googling came by this lovely, lovely post on new additions to the Kannada lexicon after the recent government imbroglio. The best:

(Yeddy is the media's chosen nick for Yeddyurappa, the (now former) 7-day ruler of Namma Cheluva Kannada Naadu )

Yeddy: The abominable show man. Now you see him as chief minister, now you don’t.


karthikv4u said...

and that nimmoppan exps with untruths was good too.....rofl

and there's a line inbetn in that joke that his frnds used to call him vastrapahaaraka...

essen arren said...

Reminds me of James Mohammed Acharya! :)

N said...

A Sardar boy and a Tamil girl are caught defaulters of the previous day's homework. The teacher punishes them by assigning them an imposition -- each has to write down his/her name two-hundred times.
Whines the boy: 'This is not FAIR, teacher ji. My name is Balwindersukhdevmohan Jaipuriarsadhukhandala Singh and her name is Anu'.

pops said...

Here's a joke for you: Why couldn't our esteemed albeit shortlived former chief minister not swim across the river?

He was caught in the yeddy currents.

Sorry, that was bad, but couldn't resist :)