(x,y) => (x+y, x+2y) mod 1

My suggestion for XKCD after getting mauled in today's exam:

Click...Click Click....Click...`Ok, now we do the measurement'. [open] MMMEOW!! [wild mutated half-dead shriek] [lightning-fast paw slash] [deathly silence]

Alt text: Today's Geiger counters don't make as much noise, and I will defend to death my claim that the exam is as probabilistic as the experiment (if not more).

Before I forget, the best 'All the best' line must be Pota's GTalk status yesterday: 'Tomorrow, may you all be curiosity personified!'. Why? Because curiosity killed the CAT! :P


The title is the core transformation relation of this jaw-droppingly amazing idea called Arnold's cat map.

Update: I found this lovely, lovely cartoon here :D

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