Thursday, December 20, 2007

The Last Supper (Free) Lunch

[This post is dedicated to the Babba, the past-master of concocting Gtalk chats from thin air, the Sole Diety Worthy Of Worship of younglings trying to follow in his hallowed footsteps, and most importantly, Supreme Guide To The Most Important Matters Fran├žais]

Our grad-school app group was graced by this piece of glorious news sometime ago:


[The SSSaviour, name withheld till grad-school deadlines are past] has just told me that he would not entertain any more app recos with him. So please drop your plans to meet him for recos. he is kinda serious about it ..

Anyways all the best to all .. happy apping :)


After that, Messrs. Master-Sleuth Private Eye, Ear, Nose, Keylogger and Other Allied Services Pvt. Ltd. bravely fought their way to the battlefront to exclusively bring the users of this blog the Truth, the whole Truth, and way much more than just the Truth. In the face of murderous onslaughts, risking our very lives, we bring to you, and to you only, gentle reader and patron, a GTalk conversation overkeylogged with highly advanced Intelligence Technology.

[You might have heard from anti-social elements attempting to discredit the authority of this blog and slander its impeccable reputation, that (I'm sorry, I can't hold back a snicker now) (mmppfff) the chat that ( Ha ha ha ha ) follows is ( LOL LOL LOLZ even ) - why the very thought ( ROFLMAO !! Har Har Har Har Har! ) - is - OMG, imaginary. I mean, I'm appalled at the kinds of suggestions people think other people are foolish enough to believe! This ? Imaginary ? That's like alleging that complex numbers are somehow 'imaginary'! Absurd ! Why, even the smileys are blue!


pumpits: Machaa... free afty daa, I'm so bored..
suggest some movie plzzz :) :) :)

t0rb1ne: Me too bored bugger is there on DC :(
and I've seen all the remaining moviezzz thrice over

pumpits: IIT during vacations sux maan :'(

t0rb1ne: Hey! I just got a brilliant idea! Let's go take a reco from [The SSSaviour, name withheld till grad-school deadlines are past] ! ;)

pumpits: What ? Macha how da ?
We've done only two courses under him..
and the second one was a general bonanza..
and to top it all we aren't even apping da,
why do you want reco ?

t0rb1ne: No da you cupper, you could never see the big picture
Just imagine
its night
or early evening
a warm room
a fireplace
u're an old man
your grandson is sitting on ur lap
and there's a small ember that suddenly lights up in the fire
and there is a glint from a frame on the wall
your grandson is frightened
but you console him
he asks you what that framed thing is
your eyes become moist
you become a young man again
a smart young man who made the decision to take His course

pumpits: ya ya
too smart :)

those days.. the pump and turbine and dump scheme

pumpits: sorry da, go on go on

t0rb1ne: bunking all classes
in fact being requested to bunk classes by the prof himself
prof giving out quiz paper before exam
junta cogging assignment after coming to class
after taking paper and pen from the poor mtechs
Re 1.50 for the entirety of TRR's and Blob's notes xeroxes
And only two classes portions for the end sem
and finally
(number of Ss) > (number of As) + (number of Bs)
And that frame on the wall..your eyes totally well up with tears!
a reco from HIM ! Him even, with just the H capitalized !! THE MAN HIMSELF !
it will make for such a wonderful story
so beautiful
lets go take it
cupper, you will never understand the romantic side of things

pumpits: ooh
ya da
so nice
so beautiful
let us go!!

And so they went, and probably so did 40-50 others, took many, many paper only [1] recommendation letters from Him (electronic recos aren't one-tenth as romantic), finished off three reams of his personal letterhead, and lived happily ever after.

The End.[2]


[0] - Anybody who's been through His course knows that saying those courses were Free Lunch is the understatement of the millennium. Free Gala Banquet By The Poolside With Cute Young Things To Carry You Back To Your Room Harem After You're Totally Loaded would be closer to it. Pooh, who needs Leonardo and his meager offering ?

[1] - For the happy people unaware of the tortures of the grad-app process, paper recos are an instrument that Universities use to try the Will of even the most motivated of applicants, something akin to being asked to tie one of those big iron balls to your leg and swim the Atlantic Ocean, when you have a hypersonic jet (with reclinable beds and French airhostesses (thank you, Babba O kind Master) chicks generally ambling about) ready and waiting for you (in other words, electronic recos). My heart goes out to all and sundry who are unfortunate enough to be subjected to this grave test, all my sympathies and good wishes are with you.

[2] - I sincerely hope this is completely unnecessary, and I've completely failed if I made you need to read this, but just in case: All characters in this purely fictional gtalk chat are completely imaginary. Any resemblance to any entity living, dead, or anywhere in between is purely coincidental.



Mahesh Mahadevan said...

ROFL\red{MAO} now as all the smileys are in blue!

The 3-sided congruence scheme has become the most blogged-about elite. I wonder howcome there is no reference made to the Little boy and the Fat Man (a weak 2nd layer of abstraction helps) hasn't been made yet.

I hope we get an page for storing all of the great mech forum posts...

Ravishankar said...

french chicks = hot!
french airhostess = old hags who have been withdrawn from the govt pension scheme.

i know, i too thought like u wehn i booked airfrance :P

wolverine said...

" the pump and turbine and dump scheme " haha.. rofl!

it was bound to happen, i was hoping it would extend till the end of our time :D

themiddler said...


number of S > number of A + number of B... who is that philanthropist, created to save mankind!

And the grandpa bit was too goood :D