Saturday, March 22, 2008


Some Prof to Nikhil (who has the superhuman ability of finding fascinating snippets like these, and begins conversations with profs on the phone with 'Yaentra Donga?') quoted by Makam (The Phenomenon. To be pronounced like 'Denny Crane'. Need I say more?) :

Whaaat is PhD? Apartment-Department-Adviser-Budweiser, thats all!


In other news, this little gem of a story has helped me in simply t(w)oo many occasions in life! And how! It helped me ward off the dreaded "Tell me how you are different from the rest of the people in the group!" and the even-more dreaded "Tell me about yourself." minefields in an IIM-B interview!! The other occasion, well, gentle reader, I am reminded of this old joke:

There are two - just two - essential ingredients to success in anything. The first: don't tell everything you know.



SDK said...

The milk story was a real gem. Both the Gandhi part and the Kurien part.

By the way, can you shed some more light on how you avoided the dreaded questions using this story? Hope your little joke doesn't come into picture here as well.

Aditya said...



Czar said...

After a very long time, I found something on your blog that my mind could take. :D

I loved the PhD quote..

Sameer said...

That was Shankar's four word description of a PhD. And ya, Nikhil did the "Yaentra Donga?" to Narayanaswamy. :)