Monday, April 14, 2008

A watched pot never boils. Let's smoke it.

Here's a very nice article on Wimpy's blog on how oversampling (essentially, taking inputs too frequently) is the root cause of all misery of mankind.

I get the feeling this applies to far more than just portfolio tracking, to even ridiculously complicated and indecipherable (to me, and quite a few others) things like relationships.



Anonymous said...

Yes, Fooled By Randomness is really an excellent book; it's one of those books I think everyone should read.

It is fairly repetitive and the points it makes are simple, but they bear repeating!

Although I'm not very interested in what its ostensible subject (finance, etc.) is, and at times the tone is disagreeable, I enjoyed the book immensely and I think it can change the way one leads one's life.

Mahesh Mahadevan said...

Ah, so you are trying to be an osculophile, eh? (hint: obviously, I mean the acronym)

essen arren said...

What's going on in life!?

N said...

And I just mailed you about the microscopic eye of relationships!

Are you sending a message to Shaastra and Saarang QMS and newsletters teams? ;)