Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Kapiratna Kolidasa

Just marking my territory, I can now ask my fans to google 'Kapiratna Kolidasa' to come to my blog :P I can't believe there wasn't one page on the internet that referred to this phrase!


It's too dangerous for someone who wants to live in Bangalore to tell the original context of the phrase, but here's a watered down samasya-purti: How would a Kannadiga mockingly call a Bengali poet who apes Kalidasa and has an insatiable craving for chicken? Kapiratna Kolidasa!


(Samasya-purtis are explained on page 49 of the document. The whole thing is a must-read, if you ask me!)


jatkesha said...

This is in the same league as 'A for Orange'!

Just like Borat would say: Very naais. Aye lake it.

Mahesh Mahadevan said...

Roughly half a century apart, when the legend of Kolidasa was spreading, another poet was born. So inspired were his parents, that they decided to represent him as the brother of the Kapiratna, and hence named him Bhartrhari :-D

Mohan K.V said...

Bhratrhari you mean :) good one!

The reinterpretation of Hari also gives his rather aggressive neetishatakam a deeper meaning, he's the bhartaa of haris and teaching to them must be quite exasperating :)