Thursday, January 28, 2010

Nimbe uli - 'Raiyya rai'

When the Joker said, "Do I really look like a guy with a plan? You know what I am? I'm a dog chasing cars ... I'm an agent of chaos", this was probably what was playing on his MP3 player:

Raaga linkMusicIndiaOnline link(much lower quality)

The perfect (r, t) to listen to this is a crowded bus at peak hour, with a million horns honking outside. It honestly is BRILLIANT! Even after the 10th listen, I bet you won't know just what the hell is happening in this song. I mean, somewhere in the middle, out of the general noise comes this fantastic bit of existentialism:

Bhagavanta shyaane budhvanta, hutsyaavne namna gottilla innu yaakanta!

And there's the general refrain of 'nimbe uli' (which pans left to right back) which is comprehensively senselessly awesome! There are so many voices and so many instruments that I can't even identify what is playing!

You can't even find anything to Google the song with - raiyya rai? nimbe uli? Even the movie name is 'Thaakath'. Hell, how do you even spell those consistently?

Gurukiran (the music director) and Hrudaya Shiva (the lyricist) now definitively occupy a genre that only Upendra could command so far - you can't decide if they've doped their balls off, or are sublimely brilliant strange attractors in a phase space of mostly boring lyrics!



wanderlust said...

nice chaotic to listen to when i'm coding. thanks for the post.
the chorus is awesomeness.
you can try to search for it. they are better at indian spellings than google.

Mahesh Mahadevan said...

1. Re: ungooglability, are you referring to streams, downloads lyrics? The last one is a tough nut to crack (given my practically non-existent skill of Kannada transcription), but I guess I can do the other two :-) .
2. I moved the seekbar to a random position on the player and lo, it just had to be the quoted line.
3. Considering you usually take the pain (possibly the pleasure) of translating, I'm surprised how that didn't show up here.

Karthik Venkatesh said...

Lo maraya, agree its a nice piecu. But you grossly underestimate the sandalwood industry. Upendranna kaala aagoithu. To me Upendra is ulti decent now.

On a related note, check out Hale patre, hale kabbiNNa if you havent done that already!

KVM said...

Glad you liked it :-)
Thanks for the link, will try it next time.

KVM said...

1. It is still in the realm of Genius :-)
2. You don't choose to be an existentialist, Existentialism chooses you! Hail Albert Canis!
3. It's sli too involved, so I quietly packed it. A simple translation would be, "God's really smart, but sli no clue why we're here". But there's more under the hood - 'shaane' means 'very much', but it has a very rustic, i-figured-it-out-with-my-own-experience feel to it. There's a kind of dissonance with the kind of language used and the sentiment expressed.

KVM said...

Illa guru, decency is entirely another metric. There's truly no dearth of random stuff, but some random stuff, to stoop down to the level of borrowing from a jeans commercial, just 'has It' :-)

'Hale paatre' is nice, but it sounds too serious and too Arabesque for my taste.. And sli I have ideological, very idiosyncratic opposition to non-native people singing in Kannada :-)

wanderlust said...

check this out: