Thursday, March 04, 2010

Notes from a budding adventure

It is a rare moment in these debauched times of Kali, gentle reader, that one thoroughly enjoys doing something for its own sake; when that something stands by itself as a pleasant memory without needing to be an inflection point in a larger 'success' story arc. One therefore treasures such moments, and writes blog posts on them in hopes that one's readers don't notice one really has nothing to say.


X: "So what do we do this evening?"

[Deep mulling]

Y, in all seriousness: "How about Go-Karting?"
Z: "Uhm, err, Go-Karting eh? Uhmmmm no da..."

Y: "Good. I just wanted to make sure I got it out of the way before anyone else actually came up with it. How silly can a sport possibly get?"


X: "Macha, Money is fine da. I want Power in life."

Y: "Ah. I want to be in a position where people do not know that I wield a lot of power."

Z, speaking in the tone of a patient, experienced teacher gently reminding a pupil of an obvious part of the question he's missed answering: "But macha, do you want to be in that position while you actually have power, or when you don't have power?"

[Everyone instinctively understands there has been an epic moment. You can actually hear people thinking the logic through, before it hits everyone with the rousing force that N.D.Tiwari brand Musli powder ads hit the local TV circuit]

Y: "Macha obviously! If I don't have power and people don't know that I have power, ...."


X: "Macha IITM sucks now da. Our juniors don't do a tenth of the things we did."

Y: "I disagree. They are doing a lot of cool new things." [In a suave, smug, confident tone like that of Alan Shore in full flow when he's found just the perfect anecdote to make his case] "My juniors brewed beer in the wing."

Z: "Hey Pota's father's wing junta did that and they all got diarrhea the next day."


"Hey stop. You know what? Every base is base '10'. 2 in Base 2 is '10'. 3 in Base 3 is '10'. 10 in Base 10 is '10'. Just sayin'."

General junta: "WTF?"


"Fundamentally speaking, the job involves maximizing exports of Fair-and-Lovely cream to one of its most promising emerging markets, Kenya. It's hard for even the fraudest MBA to live knowing that."


Bonguly [MP3; Warning: NSFW, explicit.]


"See, we all want a caring, loving, understanding angel of a girl who wouldn't fall for cheap charms and wouldn't be impressed by momentary displays of wit. Therefore, by definition, the perfect girl is one who'll never fall for us."


"They do bloody Iyengar Investing, like Islamic Investing. Total cocksuckers man.They called X for an interview, and at the end asked him for a reference. He gave his McKinsey Associate Principal's contact. The fuckers called the Associate Principal up, asked crappy questions about X's math skills and school scores for 1 whole hour in the middle of a working day, and at the end, asked for a reference who could speak about him. WTF?"


"..but all that is fine man. What I want to know is, you're given this one life. What do you want to make with it?"

[Deep, thoughtful pause]





Mahesh Mahadevan said...

1. I think the 'position of power' discussion forms an interesting pareto plot, only that here the arrangement might be more Gray code than binary.
2. Pota's father's wing junta - sodomy with a morgenstern of a comment, I say! (temptation to synthesize long German word for the same, currently suppressed)
3. Bonguly lives, far beyond IITM years!
4. Iyengar investing :-D (pretty please, with sugar on top of it, could you tell me who came up with that term?)
5. I'd love to answer that last question with "Entropy."

dileep said...

X, Y and Z at mess.
X: (to Y) So what next? Oh! Pardon me. I forgot that you liked physics. (nods, sips coffee, turns to Z) He likes physics.
[Deep, nod-full Pause]
Y: (to Z) I like physics.

KVM said...

1. :-) Pliss to explain!
2. LOL :D
3. Absolutely. Obs-holootly, even!
4. All credit to CB
5. That's a strangely fulfilling answer for every true Joker fan :-)

KVM said...

LOL, we should make an like or!

Mahesh Mahadevan said...

1. The explanation: the plot has 4 quadrants depending on the combinations of the situation for 2 parties (or variables, as the case may be) ranging from win-win to lose-lose, on a binary scale. The usual optimum chosen is the 1st quadrant i.e. win-win. This makes it possible for the X and Y variables to be quantified as 2 binary values, thus increasing preference in the order 00,01,10,11. If we set these variables to be 'having power' and 'people knowing it,' it appears that the preference is for having power and people not knowing it; thus skewing the order to 00,01,11,10 - the order for Gray code.
4. ^:-)^ to CB for the protologism. I am visualizing him saying the quoted line, and all I can think of is Hitler from the viral scene from Der Untergang :-P .

Ganesh said...

Babies :-D :-D :-D