Monday, October 04, 2010

Bangalore rains

"भो भोः पान्थ कुतो?" "नगरतो" "वार्ता तु काचित् श्रुता?" ।
"बाढं !" "ब्रूहि" "युवा पयोदसमये भार्यां विना जीवति !! ।"
"सत्यं जीवति ???" "जीवतीति कथिता वार्ता मयापि श्रुता ! "।
"संकीर्णा पृथिवी जनाश्च बहवः किं तन्न सम्पद्यते ?" ॥


(My apologies for presenting this without a translation. The Sanskrit original is witty, "gently mocking" and (aimed rightly) almost could serve as a pick-up line. Everything I've tried to tell the exact same thing in English sounded sappy, desperate, emo and somewhat sad.)

Ok, here goes. "Yo dude, where are you coming from?" "The city" "Any news?" "Oh yes!" "What?" "It seems a young man there lives alone ('without his wife') DURING THE MONSOON!" "Whoa, you mean SERIOUSLY?" "I too have only heard rumours (I mean, come on, is that even possible?)" "Tch tch, it's a strange world with all kinds of people. Nothing's impossible, I guess. (/resigned attempt at trying to make sense of a completely miraculous and unbelievable piece of news)"

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KVM said...

(That inline quote was a stroke of absolute brilliance. You have a thing for appropriating Kalidasa quotes at just the perfect times! (the other time with वागर्थाविव संपृक्तौ :) )

All that is sadly true, but one tries to make-do with what drama one can manage to get :)

And Bangalore traffic.. sigh, as the ever-frustrated Bhartrhari almost said:

माधुर्यं मधु-बिन्दुना (=='hi honey!' :P) रचयितुं car-अम्बुधेः ईहते
प्राप्तुं वाञ्छति यः कनाः पथि (dating) site-आम् सूक्तैः सुधा-स्यन्दिभिः ॥ :)