Saturday, October 09, 2010


1. "I think so that you should ..." GAAA! NOO!!! There is no 'so'! "I think that you should ..." or even "I think you should ..."

2. Almost every 'also' should be replaced with 'too'. "I also came" => "I too came"

3. What vile nether regions of hell did "revert" come from to haunt us? That, combined with the absolutely monstrous "the same" is the most lethal combination ever. "would sincerely request to please kindly revert back with the same" [shudder]

4. "I can able to do" - NO. "I AM able to do it" or "I can do it" (Tx SV)

5. "Hence". It feels as if the 16th century is upon us all over again, especially when it's used in speech. "Hence, suck my cock"

And deviating a bit from ranting about just usage, please do what you can to fight this cancer of 'analytical thinking'. The entire spectrum from JEE coaching centers which go public to the investment banks which take them there extols its virtues to the highest heavens; verily, analytical thinking is the pinnacle of all human endeavor! How wonderful the world, how colorful its rainbows would be if it were to have only Analytical Thinkers! Just feel that word, my God, a-na-LY-ti-cal! Five full syllables, enough to explain all expectations one could have and to simultaneously broadcast the brilliance, high intelligence, sharp discretion, and of course, the analytical thinking ability of the speaker. After expressing so much, does the word even need to mean anything?


Dileep said...

Join the Linguistics department.

Varun Narasimhachar said...

There is only one construction in which "I think so (...) that...." might be forgiven: "I think so: that...."

But this is, of course, a contrived example, and most people don't mean this when they say something like "I think so I'm a retard".

"The same" always gets on my nerves. Also, "vide" is a word which is abused orders of magnitude more frequently than used appropriately.