Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Mr.T would understand

Consider this song:

What leads one to think a-priori that it may not suck?

1. It is not sung by Udit Narayan, Kailash Kher, or any other cold-blooded murderer of the Kannada tongue (and ears).

2. Neither is it sung by Sonu Nigam, who by sheer, all-encompassing, suffocating saturation has managed to achieve a level of obnoxious aural horror that can only be dreamt of by stalwarts like Himesh.

One then proceeds to hear the first verse.
Shiva anta hogutidde roadinali...
sikkapatte saala ittu life-inali..
ardha tanku petrol ittu bike-inali..
nee kande side-inali
Quite excellent, one thinks. Excellent, natural, not-wannabe Kanglish. The 'dha' in ardha is a perfectly enunciated mahaprana. They're attempting something very ambitious, pitching the gauntlet to the epic Madhya Rathrili, Highway rasteli.  Depending on how high one is, one might even appreciate the distinctly non-universal, non-preachy, highly contextual setting so much that one might hazard a comparison with some songs from Mysore Mallige. One might also...

But one will not. Because someone fucked up so badly after this verse that it hurts just to listen to it lose its way horribly and become absolutely disgusting. It's almost as if the highly promising lyricist was deadlined to worthless mediocrity. Pity, pity pours from all directions into this downhill nosedive. The last verse.. ugh, calculus students will learn this song as an example of what a large negative second derivative feels like.


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