Roads that are practically impossible to cross are so passé - Every Bangalorean worth his salt either bravely crosses them, or dies trying. Ours not to make reply, ours not to reason why, ours but to cross or die seems to be the spirit of the times.

Therefore, the BBMP, sadaa namma seveyalli, has taken the next step forward in urban innovation: roads that are theoretically impossible to cross.

Behold this marvel of topology and urban Development:

The triangles are the traffic signals, pointing towards the expected direction of traffic flow. The yellow dots are likely places you will be in right after you get out of IISc. If you are trying to go anywhere south in the image, you have to cross CV Raman Road - just that it's theoretically impossible because there will always be traffic coming from either the south or the west because the two western signals are perfectly in sync. The fact that the pavements on all roads in the picture have been razed down with a vengeance and asphalted till a few inches up the IISc walls also helps.
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