Saturday, December 11, 2010

Compression - 2

I was completely mindfucked by this line in Bana's Kadambari -

नाम्ना-एव यो निर्भिन्न-अराति-हृदयो विरचित-नारसिंह-रूप-आडम्बरम्, एक-विक्रम-आक्रान्त-सकल-भुवनतलो विक्रम-त्रय-आयासितम् च जहास इव वासुदेवम् |

nAmnA-eva yo nirbhinna-arAti-hRdayo viracita-nArasiMha-rUpa-ADambaram, eka-vikrama-AkrAnta-sakala-bhuvanatalo vikrama-traya-AyAsitam ca jahAsa iva vAsudevam |

It's impossible to translate directly, of course, but here's an attempt: "The king, who conquered his enemies (lit. broke their hearts) just by the mention of his name, and who had conquered the world with just a single stride, seemed to laugh mockingly at Lord Vishnu, who had made much noise and fanfare in taking on the Narasimha form (i.e so much trouble to kill his enemy), and who probably was exhausted by the three strides he had to take (as Vamana)."


The part that amazes me is the extreme succintness - viracita-nArasiMha-rUpa-ADambaram conveys so much, and the vikrama-traya-AyAsitam has the mocking tone so brilliantly ingrained in itself! ADambaram and AyAsitam - ROFL!!

(Compression 1)

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