Wednesday, December 22, 2010

I hate GMail

GMail and Reddit are really getting to me. Whenever I have a Gmail tab opened, I spend a LOT of time doing useless things like organizing old email (which essentially is deleting bacn), trying in vain to think of how to write a non-embarassing reply to a 3-month-old message, fiddling around with settings, re-reading the same old stale buzz, or just plain clicking 'Refresh' over and over again! With Reddit, I just keep reading wall upon wall of puerile AskReddit shit, which consists mostly fake stories being heatedly argued by a crowd pitchforking the same old straw-men. The painful part is that they are somehow 'addictive' and it's actually hard to get out of the groove.

GMail is even more insiduous because it has a lot of things that I commonly use embedded in it: I want to be online on Gchat; I use Drafts for a lot of things from to-do lists to jotting down philosophical observations; I frequently use email for backing up documents; Buzz is just around the corner as a 'sneak peek' to Google Reader posts so that I don't have to worry about constantly "mark unread" to postpone thinking about interesting posts; all of this present in one place, and I hate it because I seem to get struck doing all this, but ONLY this again and again!

Edit: An article that will surely become part of the Great Internet Introspection canon: Five emotions invented by the internet

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Pranesh said...

Use a mail client, and a chat client. It's worked wonders for me, because, my mail (and chat) is now interrupt driven rather than poll driven.