Saturday, December 18, 2010


When one has a theory for complete systemic corruption and degradation, one is disturbed by exceptions. With a hat-tip to Sayan, how the hell can one explain these:

1. How do the Mumbai locals run with such efficiency? How does it not happen that a fishplate or an engine cylinder fails, and then the bidding process for fixing it takes months, and then the fix is done by the company owned by the minister's nephew? How does it not happen that the driver comes in half an hour late, and plays a minority card when he is attempted to be disciplined?

2. How is Mumbai, much more populous and having much more economic and social inequality, a safer place for women than Bangalore, the cherished home of marauding gangs from TN whose sole vocation seems to be kidnap and rape?

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RSP said...

For 1: I think, we the people are well capable to make things run at that (or more) perfection. Inefficiencies, I feel are more 'introduced' in our system.