Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Golden days

Whenever I whine about how awesome the olden days were and how dull and boring and debauched the present is, one or the other righteous smart-ass starts spouting statistics about technology, healthcare, social freedom and whatnot.

Here is the ultimate rebuttal to such hokum, and why the 70s were awesome:

A few days before the elections, on a Sunday, Jagjivan Ram addressed an Opposition rally at the famous Ram Lila Grounds in Delhi. The national broadcaster Doordarshan allegedly attempted to stop crowds from participating in the demonstration by telecasting the blockbuster movie Bobby. The rally still drew large crowds, and a newspaper headline the next day ran "Babu beats Bobby"

Yes that's right, bitches. When nuances of National Politics involve strategically timing the broadcast of Bobby, that's when you're talking Golden Days.

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